Sunday, September 27, 2009

Latte, home

A downright painful review of the Kodak digital-pocket-photo-frame thing can be found here.
You don't hear someone say this very often:

It seems like the R&D department was given this simple brief: “Make the customer hate us”.

Man. I think Polaroid used the same brief for their terribly convoluted replacement for the utterly legendary Polaroid instant camera. Somehow I haven't complained about it on this blog yet. Their website just rubs more crap photos into the wounds too. They have the gall to ask, "Remember when you could print your photos instantly?"
The only sane response is, "OF COURSE I DO. If it wasn't for you fuckers we'd still be able to! Don't supersede your legendary product with a crap new one and then try to sell it to us by REMINDING us how bad a move that was!"
They started with a perfectly good instant photo camera that's been iconic for its entire lifespan, and for some reason scrapped it. Then they duct-taped a digital camera to a very small printer. There is no reason why an instant camera needs to be digital. It's like scanning your handwriting and then laser-printing it out onto Post-It notes when all you need to do is pick up a pen. The website says it takes about 40 seconds to print a photo. And you don't even get to shake it. Fail.
I'd love to see these guys reinvent the wheel.

Remember the days when you used to facilitate movement of a load by use of a circular device mounted to an axle?

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  1. Ryan ... is this the first time i hear you say the f word? ahahah ...

    it sure looks like a cool gadget

    and, i havent ever been a polaroid user ... but i also thought it was a stupid move to discontinue it ... i wonder if it was a plan to make money ...

    "all those old polaroids are still working fine ... lets discontinue their photo paper and sell useless cameras that break within weeks!!"