Sunday, September 20, 2009

Latte, Gingerlee, East Brunswick

This was far less disastrous compared to my last visit to Gingerlee. But I did forget to take the camera. This artist's rendition should give you some idea, though:

I finally scratched my bloody mary itch today too. And I think I've figured out why people like them so much for dealing with hangovers: it cleanses your vomit palate.
You know that bit of your throat that tastes like vomit for hours after the fact? The bloody mary's combination of tomato juice, vodka and tabasco seems to do a pretty good job of reaching what gargling never could.
Not that I'm really into vomiting. I try to keep it down to about one per year.

Speaking of vomiting, remind me that drinking a latte and a bloody mary at the same time is probably not a great idea. Milk and tomato juice? Eurgh. Something tells me they're not going to get along.

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