Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Latte, Brunswick East Project, East Brunswick

Well, I guess it's a little redundant to include the suburb in the title of a post about a café that includes the suburb in its own title. But I have to stick to the formula, I guess. And besides, not many cafés mention their suburb in their name, so this is a first for me. But it is to their detriment. They are missing out on all sorts of suburb name pun opportunities. For example, LLL suggested Elwood Scissorhands as an unbeatable name for a hairdresser in Elwood. East Brunswick presents a nice little shortlist too:The Witches of East Brunswick.
None of which are good names for a café. Brunswick East Project, however, is. It leaves absolutely no doubt which direction you have to drive to find it. The only way they could narrow it down more would be to call the place A Few Doors Up From Hellenic Republic instead. It seems like their name is popping up a lot lately, both on Twitter and in real life, whether the conversation is about coffee or not. I like places that don't do much in the way of food, as it often suggests that they are so serious about their coffee that they don't have time for food, and that seems true for these guys. They roast their own beans under the name Padre on site.
They stock the Aeropress (possibly the easiest way to get one if you live even vaguely in the area), have a variety of beans available, a rotating coffee of the day, and even a TEA OF THE DAY. I've never seen that before. Fine work, BEP.

EDIT: I had the name of this place wrong. It turns out it's "Brunswick East Project", not "East Brunswick Project". Unfortunately, that means they share the same initials as Black Eyed Peas. Let's hope this café doesn't follow the same career trajectory and gradually morph from moderately interesting band to worst shit I've ever heard in my life in two albums. Hmm. No, it's a café, not a band.

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