Saturday, September 26, 2009

iLatte 2.0, home

Today's AFL Grand Final will go down in history.
Not as St Kilda's first premiership since 1966. And there's a good reason for that. It didn't happen. It very nearly did, but it didn't.
What did, in fact, happen, was that Vegemite announced the name of their new as-yet-unnamed product.
Somehow, iSnack 2.0 was the winner.
Nothing has inspired more outrage amongst Australians this year, and it's the kind of outrage that seems to be best vented in blog and/or Twitter form.
I love this tasty little single-serving package of controversy from

“The move is a bid by the food conglomerate to align the new product with a younger market -- and the "cool" credentials of Apple's iPod and iPhone.”

I wonder how Apple feel about that. The article doesn't really make it clear if that "cool" is a direct quote from Kraft or not, but really does spin its own specific brand of what I guess you could call journalism if you were really in a hurry. But, as usual, I'm not in a hurry. At first glance at that story, a few things got my attention:
  • the author's name, allegedly, is staff writers.
  • the photo is credited to another oddly-named chap called Supplied.
  • they are so aware that online readers will not read the whole article that they summarise it in three dot points just in case anyone has less than one second to spare.
  • this awareness of how the online word works is strangely absent when they confuse their blog with their Twitter feed:Blog: Follow our Twitter blog
  • they also seem to be have no problem with completely contradicting themselves: "CHECK out this year's winners in our celebration of Australia's unsung environmental heroes."
Can they still be classified as unsung if they are winners of a celebration? Oh Lord.

I particularly enjoyed the quote from the guy who thought of the universally-lauded name: ''It's been difficult to contain my excitement; I actually leapt out of my chair when I heard the news. To think that I could go down in Australia's history is overwhelming."
Interesting choice of words there. He'll "go down" like a sack of yeast extract if he sets foot outside, no doubt blogged upside the head by an angry Vegemite traditionalist.

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