Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get Born, Shine On, etc: Latte, home

?uestlove on Twitter, about two hours ago:

“hmmmm jet's on fallon tonight. like em. take that pitchfork.”

He's referring to Pitchfork's legendary dislike of Jet. Sure, Jet aren't terribly original and they're a bit shit really in the scheme of things, but that's kind of harmless isn't it? I didn't realise how enraged someone could be about a band until I read (so to speak) the two harshest album reviews I have ever seen: Pitchfork's review of Jet's first album, and Pitchfork's review of Jet's second album. The first takes a long time to get there, but makes a good point in the end. The second is just a video of a monkey peeing into its own mouth. Yeah. Harsh. It's probably a good thing that they haven't got their grubby foul-mouthed mitts on Jet's third album yet. But they will, and if Sputnik's review is anything to go by ("...if you truly enjoy Shaka Rock, I am genuinely worried for you.") they're not going to be impressed.

If anyone, like ?uestlove, is a Jet fan, you might find solace in reading about what happened to Nick Sylvester, writer of that Get Born review.

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