Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flat White, Il Fornaio, St Kilda

It seemed kind of deserted in St Kilda, for a Thursday afternoon.
I'm not saying that I usually expect a Thursday afternoon to be jumpin' jumpin', but I was expecting more people around than this.
Maybe they're all out driving either north or south on King St.
That would explain why it took so long to get down here.
Every time I go to Il Fornaio (which is not very often since I started the blog - I've only had one coffee from here and Spunner bought it for me, I didn't even set foot in the premises - but I used to come here quite a bit when I lived within walking distance) I remind myself that I should do so more often. Coffee? Very good. Ciabatta? Excellent. It made every other ciabatta I've had recently look like a dried-out sponge with too many holes in it. And the donuts?
Daaaaaaaamn. Well worth enduring the traffic for.

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