Monday, September 14, 2009

Espresso, DOC, Carlton

I've never been to DOC before.

I still haven't. I don't think today's visit counts. I tried to go to Carlton Espresso, but it is "growing up", according to the renovation signs, and has been temporarily moved to their sister store DOC at the opposite corner of the block.
The result is DOC with what looks like a cross between their menu and Carlton Espresso's menu during the day, from 7.00am onwards. No pizza, but plenty of cheese. Then they switch to DOC pizza, mozzarella etc for dinner. The coffee appears to be dealing with the temporary relocation just fine:

One wonders if they should just keep doing this after the other shop opens back up again. It sure is a nice place to sit during the day.

But I'll have to come back here soon for the pizza.

One more word of advice. The warning below is talking about the whole urinal. Somehow, I assumed they were just talking about the flush button. The screwdriver sticking out really should have made me realise the flush wasn't going to work anyway.

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