Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Epic Pluralisation Fail: Long Macchiato, Mr Tulk, City

It looks not unlike the decaf soy long macchiato that LLL ordered.
That's right, a decaf soy long macchiato.
The only sane choice for someone who wants coffee without the caffeine, but with soy, and not too much of it.
We spotted (well, we were overwhelmed by it really, it's not hard to spot) an absolutely epic pluralisation failure, as you know doubt would like to hear about, considering its prominence in the subject of this post. Well, strap yourself in. The only thing worse than publishing the word "heros" is publishing it in giant letters on the side of a tram.


  1. What about your epic "know doubt" failure Ryan?

  2. Oh no. That's embarrassing.
    What the hell, I may as well leave it there now.