Friday, September 4, 2009

The Electric Shoes: Aeropress, home

Last Thursday I mentioned the episode of The Wonder Years where Kevin joins a band. I also mentioned that, based on what I could remember from seeing the episode once when it was first on TV, that I wish I was in a band that sounded like that. This afternoon, I did a little bit more research.

The band was called The Electric Shoes.

The episode was called Rock 'n Roll.

It was episode ten of season three.

Best of all, it can be found quite easily online.

The "let's just jam" bit that I was talking about comes in at 8:28. It's worth it.

After watching it again, nineteen years later, I can say that it wasn't quite as rad as I remember, but I still want to be in a band that sounds like that, but has songs that go for eighteen minutes.

It's good to hear Strawberry Alarm Clock namedropped too.

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