Sunday, September 20, 2009

DIY DVD repair: Latte, home

What follows is my second-greatest* ever bit of DIY electronic repair.

The DVD player on the left no longer switches on, and when AC power is plugged in, something on the power supply board makes a not-good-sounding humming sound. The DVD player on the right works fine. They are both made by Pioneer (a DV-266 and a DV-676A) and are around the same vintage.
We were willing to kiss player-on-the-left goodbye after its five years of service, but it had disc three of season three of The Office (US) stuck in it, and that tray won't open or release the disc without power. I could dismantle the whole thing, but it would be so much easier if it could just turn back on and open the tray.
So the humming sound indicated there was probably something wrong with the power supply.
The power supplies (circled) of the two machines looked pretty similar, and I figured it would have been in Pioneer's best interests to reuse the same power supply for most of their product line at the time.
"Easy," I thought, "all I have to do is plug the ribbon cable from the busted player into the working player's power supply, and press eject!"
I was right.
But that ribbon cable is only as long as it needs to be. I had to lay one player on top of the other upside down for it to reach.
But I got the disc out.
The memorial service for DV-266 will be held later this evening, whence it shall be fired out of a cannon. Or frisbeed off a bridge, or something.
Not really. I should try to fix it first.

* the greatest was when a similar thing happened to my set top box, and I repaired the power supply based on recommended capacitor values I found on the web.


  1. Be careful with those bastards... could zap yourself pretty badly and die :P.

  2. I got zapped by my practice amp when I was 17,,,, very scary, do not recommend.