Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aeropress, home

Aeropress owners: it may come as a surprise that there is such a thing as the World Aeropress Championships.
It may further surprise you that there has been not just an inaugural event, but as of this year a second annual World Aeropress Championships.
It may not surprise you that the WAC was held in Oslo.
They love their coffee over there, and they sure seem to love their Aeropresses too. Here's 2009 WAC champion Lukasz Jura holding aloft his Bronze Piston trophy:

I wonder if that trophy is a fully-functioning Aeropress, and if Lukasz will ever use it?
The Aeropress seems like such a simple invention that calls for such a simple method: grind coffee, add hot water, stir, press. But each one of these steps has countless variables that all have an effect on the final cup. The coffee: what sort of beans? How fine a grind? How big a dose? The water: how hot? How much? How many milligrams of calcium per litre?
If you've got any surprises left, head over to Tim Wendelboe's blog of all things coffee and Nordic and check out the post about Aeropress method used by the top three finalists in the WAC 2009 and see how much variation there can be in the method just among the top three. Wow.
Something I've taken away from that post: they all rinse the paper filter first to get rid of any "paper taste". I never even considered that. And the temperature can work at much lower temperatures. I'm usually happy if it's below 9oºC, but Lukasz stooped to 75º. I'm sure it's worth a try.

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