Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter vs Woofer: Latte, home

These Square Mile beans are still flipping spectacular.

But let's move on to the subject of this post: Woofer.
Hey kids! Sick and tired of your thoughts being limited to 140 bytes?
Try Woofer. With a MINIMUM message length of 1400 characters, you'd better be damn sure you've got something interesting to say if your readers are going to get even halfway through it. I'm all for a conscious effort to rewiden the human attention span. Twitter has only made it worse: if you only need to concentrate for a sentence and a half, why would you bother reading anything longer?

So, good luck with my first Woof. Let me know how many times your mind wanders.


  1. oooh ... "woofer"

    it sounds like a bear named this site ...

    "is this twitter?" loll

  2. eheheh yes ... they tried to make it very obvious ... i just couldnt argue with them