Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twenty Second Abs: Aeropress, home

Okay, remind me not to bother with the plunger.
The Aeropress is just a better invention.
And it's faster.
As I boiled the kettle this morning I thought, "Man, what's all this big deal about espresso being fast? I have to heat up the machine for 15 minutes before it's ready to go. Sure, the extraction only takes 30 seconds, but that heatup time puts it way behind in the race. And look at this! That kettle will take about a minute to boil, then I'm ready to go! Plungers are the greatest."

But that was before I remembered the FOUR MINUTES of steeping time.
Somewhere in the middle, or at the head of the pack really, we have the Aeropress, which gets all of its brewing done in about 20 seconds (depending on how hard you push), and only needs water from the kettle. We have a winner.

Plus, it gives you a complete ab workout. Have any other Aeropress users noticed this?

The Rwanda was pretty spectacular. Aeropress is now my non-espresso method of choice, as it was before I started messing with the plunger again. That is until I try my next tea-brewing method idea.

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