Monday, August 3, 2009

Special(i)ty Coffee: Latte, home

I'm writing an article at the moment that uses the phrase "specialty coffee" quite a lot. I know specialty coffee exists - it's a very commonly used phrase in the specialty coffee industry - and I'm certain the word "specialty" can exist outside the context of coffee. And yet 3.0 insists that it's a typo. Assuming that OO uses some copyrightless free dictionary variant, I decided to ask the OSX Dashboard dictionary widget for a second opinion.

Even Google would be polite enough to ask, "Did you mean speciality?" but the dictionary widget just corrected me on the fly, and gave me the definition for "speciality" instead, which curiously it describes as a British term for specialty. You would assume that a dictionary that automatically changes your US spelling to a UK spelling would in fact be a UK English dictionary. Imagine my confusion when I flipped the widget around to see its full title:

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