Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soy Latte, home

This one was soy for a very very good reason.
I originally started steaming some milk (you know, milk from a cow) and it was behaving kind of strangely.
It seemed to have lots of cream floating to the surface, and what looks like the skin that would form on top of milk that was getting close to boiling point.
But it wasn't that hot.
I poured a bit out into the sink, which revealed that it REALLY didn't look right.
Then I had a sniff.
That explains why my muesli tasted a bit funny this morning.
So I rinsed out the jug like it had never been rinsed before (clarification: it HAS been rinsed before, I assure you) and started again with soy.
I'm glad I didn't pour that off milk into the espresso. Eurrgh.

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