Friday, August 14, 2009

Short Flat White, home

Short flat white? WTF is he on about?

Well, my two normal-size milk jugs were in the dishwasher and not coming out any time soon, so I was stuck with the slightly-too-small-to-be-practical one.

That jug wasn't a problem with my last coffee machine. But now that I have more steam at my disposal, it has a tendency to shoot a lot of the milk straight out of the jug onto the bench. So I wasn't left with (nor did I start with) much milk.

So it's a short flat white today. But if you scale down the milk volume with the size of the shot I had (Square Mile's website recommends for these beans a dose of 20g and a total volume of 45ml -- pretty short, no matter how you look at it) it all makes sense. Still delicious. It still makes the whole kitchen, oddly, smell like jam. There's a whole basket of fruit in there.

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