Friday, August 7, 2009

Ramen Robots: Aeropress, home

In the news today: Ramen Robots.


  1. pardon me sir but there's a screw in my noodles, i would like a refund ...

    err just a question ... how much does those things cost ... how much money do they save ... cant someone just do whatever those arms did in less time? <.<;

  2. Pretty slow for robots, aren't they! I think that girl who carried the trays to the table could've done a much better job. My question is this: why do they have to be limited to using normal ladles? Humans need ladles with handles for practical reasons, but couldn't the robots have some swiss army knife style spinning claw/ladle/etc attachment? The plate spinning is impressive though.

  3. yeah actually i wondered what happened laddle half of the time if the robot doesnt drop it at the right place when its done with it... do you have to watch over a bunch of lil details to make sure the robot takes too much time to do the job?

    the reason why it doesnt have some uber swiss army knife is most likely that those arms were prolly the cheapest thing to go with ... some uber swiss knife would be too big or too slow take too much space require too much maintenance? (no clue honestly xD) ... might as well use 6 arms that all do different jobs but ... that would cost

    or maybe the son of the owner studies in some robotic engineering or manufacturing robot programation of whatever and this was the best thing to use to program simply with lil cost ... no clue honestly ... /endlessrambling

  4. yes the plate spinning is impressive ... i wonder how they recorded or came up with the motion for the arm ... but is it me or that spike thing is going trough the plate? ... maybe its for customers safety? lol