Monday, August 10, 2009

#maybedon'tbringbackkyle: Latte, home

Weird things happen on Twitter. I posted this on Sunday night after Australian Idol finished:

Shortly afterwards, I got a reply:

Then, two minutes later that one got re-tweeted by a user named bringbackkyle:

Eurgh. It's no longer clear that I'm talking only about Kyle's involvement with Australian Idol. He shouldn't be let within 500 meters of a radio, let alone be allowed to broadcast to one. The "if you're offended by this then you're laaaaaaame" argument can only hold up for so long. There are limits, and it's a shame the whistle only got blown after a fourteen year old girl on a lie detector got involved. But there were no boundaries. Kyle and Jackie O ran around on the furniture unsupervised for so long, and now they have knocked over a vase just as mum and dad were pulling into the driveway.

Let's close with my favourite quote from this whole fiasco:

I think Kyle Sandilands is a figment of his own imagination, frankly.
- John Laws.

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