Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makin Soy: Espresso, home

Further to this morning's soy latte: this month's Contains Caffeine has an ad for Vitasoy Café, a new strain of Vitasoy endorsed by Australian coffee ambassador, the reputable David Makin. If he likes it, it's probably worth adding to coffee. Not only that, but it gives birth to a slew of new opportunities to use his surname in some lame coffee-related puns:

"So, I guess you'll be Makin more soy lattes from now on?"
"It's going to be a hit. Let's hope they're Makin enough of it!"
"He's Makin the most of it!"

Etc. His company is clearly called Makin Espresso, but I noticed the title of his website says "Making Espresso". Autocorrect strikes again!

But on to the actual soy: I'll be hoping to get my hands on some very soon. I hope it's available to the little people, and not just cafés. LLL and I will conduct some blind taste tests* soon, and I'll see how it goes under the wand. Let's hope this Vitasoy Café turns out to be a more widely available, and cheaper, alternative to Bonsoy. That will be good for everyone.

*(Does anyone else have trouble with typing the phrase "taste tests"? The "e" at the end of "taste" gets you on a roll and then it's pretty hard to not type "taste testes" instead.")

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  1. I had no idea how much Bonsoy you've been drinking. Can you please buy some more on the way home from work, honey? Ooh, and honey too... And muuuueslie.