Friday, August 7, 2009

Long Mac, Tre Bicchieri, Carlton North

Dr J.Mo texted last night to say that she was at Dose in London, and it was the best long mac since she left Melbourne (18 months ago). I thought, "Long mac...that's a good idea."

But let's talk about haircuts, and haircut conversation in particular. How much are we, as customers, expected to really want to talk about ourselves to a complete stranger? If it's one of those hairdresser/hairdressee relationships where you see each other every month, more often than some of your real friends, then it's understandable you would actually talk about what's been going on in your life. But if, like me, the haircut is a maybe-twice-a-year occurrence, how much detail are you supposed to get into?

"So, have you got the day off today?"
"I'm a bass player and coffee blogger. My days off are impossible to distinguish from my days on."

Nah. I usually just say, "Yeah." It's easier that way. I throw around the idea in my head of inventing a fake profession, but can never think of one that is worth mentioning yet less likely to result in more questions than the truth. This may sound a bit mental, but while I try to keep the conversation to a minimum, I still think it would be a bit rude to pick up one of the magazines. Are they there for use during the cut? I wonder if anyone out there is that blatantly opposed to haircut conversation.

"So, have you got the day off today?"
(Ryan sighs and picks up last month's Men's Health and flips open to something about shedding pounds by eating more meat.)

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