Monday, August 31, 2009

Listen to Your Heart: Latte, home

I just downloaded four songs by Heart off iTunes.
To explain why, listen to the five songs provided below.
The first time I really paid attention to Heart was when I started playing Guitar Hero III, and noticed how awesome Barracuda is. That's why I only bought four songs today. I already have Barracuda.

So after that I always kind of meant to check out more, but never got around to it. Then about a month ago, while watching Kieran's Midnight Special DVDs, I saw the following clip of Magic Man from 1976. It's hard to ignore that the guitarist on the far right is dressed exactly like Luke Skywalker.

So that's from 1976. It pre-dates Star Wars. I like to think that George Lucas was flicking around on TV one night, saw Heart blasting through Magic Man, and called up wardrobe straight away and said, "That's it! That's exactly what I was talking about today. Minus the guitar."
Anyway, I heard that song again today in the background of the scene with Trent's audition story in Swingers, which prompted my downloading frenzy. Another good one from the same era, here's Crazy On You:

Yes, Ann Wilson sure was a force to be reckoned with in the 1970s. With or without a microphone.
Unfortunately, iTunes don't seem to have a conclusive Heart compilation that takes in their whole career. I went for the buy-the-songs-I've-heard-of approach instead. Somehow, I enjoy their later material just as much as Barracuda. It gets a lot more eighties (for want of a better word), but the hooks are deadly. They'll get you. And you'll notice that Heart are another one of those bands where you don't realise how many of their songs you already know. Exhibit A:

So, as you can see, there's a shift in direction. Definitely towards making hits, and getting them to the people via MTV. But it worked, and it still sounds like the same band. The hair may look a lot more like something you'd find perched atop CC Deville, but when you hear them there's no doubt it's still the Wilson sisters and those three other guys.

That's their most-downloaded song on iTunes. Epic. The video is a little unnerving though. Maybe it's the fast editing, but it's probably the haircuts. There's so much hair that I'm having trouble telling the girls apart from the guys in a few shots in that one.
Nah, the cleavage is a dead giveaway. Let's be thankful that the trend of dudes wearing plunging-V-neck t-shirts hadn't kicked in yet.

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