Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Latte with extra latte, Cafenatics QV, City

Some time between 4.30pm and 5.30pm something quite frightful happened to the weather.
"Oh shiiiiiit!" was the only reaction I thought appropriate for the sight of the grey, windy, rainy mess outside that I had to walk through. Like Butch and Sundance jumping off a cliff. It was a long way to Latrobe St, with not much shelter. Like most situations in life, I was going to need coffee.

Cafenatics's location in a not-very-coffeed corner of the city combined with their willingness to keep the machine on while they stack the tables led me in their doors once again.
A latte, takeaway.
That'll be three dollars.
I noticed "Small - $3" written on the price list.
But what I was handed was definitely not a small.
More like a medium, if not a large.
Note: a free upgrade to a larger coffee is not doing me a favour. It's not a better drink for the same price. It's just more milk. If you're that eager to get rid of milk, just throw a milk carton at me on the way out the door.

I would have taken a photo of the cup, and my arm, getting pelted with rain, but that probably would have wound up with my phone getting severely rained on.

My phone.

The very phone I'm paying insurance on.

The exact very phone I'm stuck in a contract with for 18 more months.

The same exact very phone that I could probably replace with an iPhone 3GS were something to happen to it.

Out of all the advice I've heard dispensed from mobile phone salesmen over the years, "cough...insurance...cough...3Gs upgrade...cough" is the most intriguing yet. It's closely followed by, "Here's two dollars. Go across the street and buy a $2 SIM. Then come back and we'll transfer your number."

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