Saturday, August 15, 2009

Latte, Kent Hotel, Carlton North

There was nothing particularly wrong with this coffee, but it just wasn't very interesting. That was the feeling for most of the evening here. The food was okay. There was nothing wrong with it. But it didn't make me say, "Wow, I've gotta come back here."
One of the two waitresses assigned to our table assured us she was "doing her job" by asking what was wrong with the Caesar Salad that LLL barely touched. She then proved to be doing her job REALLY well by insisting repeatedly that we divulge what was wrong with it.
But honestly, that she's doing her job well could have been proved in other ways: like maybe not totally forgetting we asked for the bill. That happens a lot; it wouldn't have been irritating if she hadn't gone out of her way to highlight what a diligent worker she is.
But the Caesar, like the coffee, didn't have anything clearly wrong with it (other than the cold poached egg that was clearly poached a few hours ago). But that doesn't mean it was good. You could say, "I don't think the pancetta is a good choice," but it's not really a FAULT as such. It's a matter of taste. They seem to regard things not going wrong as their only measure of excellence. But there's more to it than that. I wouldn't not come here again, but I like to aim a little higher than "nothing wrong with it". Somewhere that I thought was AMAZING last time sounds a lot more exciting and re-visitable.

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