Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Latte, home

I bought a new chair. From Officeworks. It has wheels. It goes up and down. The back tilts all the way from impractically obtuse to impractically acute. The seat bit (for some reason) tips back and forth. It has a "waterfall" lip on the seat to improve circulation, allegedly.
But most importantly, it has no arms. Not only is this allegedly better for posture, but I can also play guitar and use the laptop in the same chair now without sitting, if not on the edge, on the front of my seat so the guitar could get around the armrests.
Honestly, when I bought that first chair a few years ago, I assumed it could be assembled armlessly. I was wrong. Ikea have a way of doing things. Nothing is there for decoration, it also must serve a purpose. Accordingly, the arms are only there to hold the back on. So it was either an armless backless chair, or a chair I had to shuffle forward on to hold a guitar. Not surprisingly, it was hard to justify another chair.
Until now.
In what we loosely call "the office", which is really the bedroom with no bed in it, LLL has a desk and I have a desk. With all our coffee- and tea-blogging we should probably get a kettle up here too. But I guess the kitchen is only a twelve-second walk away. Anyway: up until now we have only had the one uppy-downy chair, and a much-too-low-for-either-desk Ikea stool.
So now here I am with the new chair.
It feels great, in a so-hard-it-must-be-good-for-my-posture kind of way, but there's one problem.
It smells like...well...dirt. Or fertiliser, or blood and bone, or something. I was expecting some sort of new chair smell, but this is more like Don Burke's laundry basket.

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