Thursday, August 20, 2009

Latte, home

I'm really going to miss these beans. I might squeeze one more double out, it's hard to judge once the beans get to the bottom of the hopper.
In other news, I've been messing around with the old-laptop-becomes-PVR thing. It's brilliant. I was told repeatedly, "It will change your life!" but I always figured if I've gotten this far (since getting digital TV) without a VCR, I would continue to manage. But WOAH. Bring up the program guide, double click on the show you won't be home for, and it RECORDS IT FOR YOU. Not just that, but if you're watching The Simpsons on TV, you can pause it. Wow.
This is all in theory, though. The TV tuner card I bought is fine, but the software that comes with it is a little bit on the shithouse side.
As soon as my next broadband month starts, I'll get my hands on Mythbuntu 9.04. That should do just nicely. And if I really like that, I might assemble a new machine to run it on.
Isn't it strange how I often get the urge to spend hours trying to install something on something it shouldn't be installed on? I guess I don't own a house and therefore don't have anything to renovate if I get the urge, so I have to settle for renovating operating systems instead. The two urges must come from a similar place. But my house will be nightmarish. Trying to install a toilet on the ceiling, floorboards in the driveway, etc.


  1. If you run windows on your old laptop, install the free RC of Windows 7 (or some version of Vista) with Windows Media Center on it. Works fine with my Leadtek DTV1000S TV tuner card! Now I am always watching something on my second monitor...

  2. Hmm, I'd rather steer clear of Windows. It'll only cause trouble.
    I think the card I got is the USB version of the Leadtek one you have. It's a good card, but the software it came with is terrible!

  3. Damn right. The software is just SHIT. Winfast PVR2 or something?

    Hence I am using Media Center :P.

    But you can try out one of the linux distros (that you mentioned) designed for HTPCs though... shouldn't be too hard!

    What have you got against Windows though?