Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latte, Cumulus Inc, City

Well, I finally got down here for breakfast. I've been meaning to for a while now, mainly because I was so intrigued by the 65/65 egg (it is cooked for 65 minutes at 65 degrees) that is served with the smoked salmon.
And coffee always intrigues me. As does the challenge of getting all the way to the top of Flinders Ln in the morning for coffee before having any other coffee first. Not only is it a long way to the CBD, this place is a long way up the hill from Swanston St.

Nice. Though there was an order cockup. They forgot to make mum's coffee, twice. C'mon. That shouldn't happen here. This place is better than that.
And I've gotta say, after finally trying it, I'm not a fan of the 65/65 egg. Yeah, it's nice that the two numbers are the same, but I don't think this ultra-slow method really improved the egg. Is-it-raw-or-is-it-cooked wasn't really a texture I enjoyed, or a question I enjoyed asking while eating.
Mum and Jo, however, have chosen wisely. That Cumulus breakfast is unbeatable. I'll get it next time for sure. You get a boiled egg (that had substantially less than 65 minutes invested in it), toast, preserves, juice, a coffee, and yoghurt. The yoghurt was a highlight. Rhubarb, honey; all the good stuff was in there. But this package deal is what lead to what may have been an ambiguous order, which may have lead to the coffee's non-arrival.
"I'll get the Cumulus breakfast, but I've already had the juice, and a latte."
Without the punctuation, it doesn't sound like you are ordering a coffee. But the waiter assured us that he got the message.
"I wish it were your fault."
Refreshingly frank, really. It's nice to be reassured that it really wasn't our fault that our coffee was nowhere to be seen.
But nothing explains how it could be forgotten again after that.
But at the end of the day, I'll come here again. Or the start of the day. Whichever one has breakfast.

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