Monday, August 24, 2009

Latte, Cafe Milato, Carlton North

As it was the only café anywhere near me that, according to Urban Spoon, had free wi-fi, I figured it was worth checking out. This could be a whole new way to check out random places I've never been to: ask Urban Spoon.
Unfortunately, there's no easy way to search for the wi-fi tag. You have to find another place with the wi-fi tag, then click on it. I think wi-fi should be just as important in restaurant choice next to factors like cuisine, location and price. I mean, if somebody is willing to use their iPhone to find somewhere to eat via GPS, they surely won't have any problem with "Wifi: yes or no?" being one of the four questions asked.
I suppose the next logical step is Urban Spoon only listing places that have free wi-fi. Or maybe that's going too far.

The coffee here was okay, once it finally cooled down. I don't think it was hot beyond being able to taste okay once it cooled down, but still way, way, way too hot. I could be wrong about that, but only if everywhere else I've ever been to is wrong about the temperature thing too.

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