Monday, August 24, 2009

Foreigner vs Tone Loc: Latte, home

It's Sample Friday again, for the first time ever in our new timeslot. Accordingly, this segment is now known as Sample Monday. Our first guest today will be Foreigner, with their 1978 hit Hot Blooded. Pay particular attention to the bit between 0:33 to 0:37.

Sound familiar?
That riff was heard repeatedly nine years later, as the entire chorus of Tone Loc's #3 hit Funky Cold Medina. Written by Young MC (?!), and produced by the Dust Brothers, who shortly after went on to produce the legendary Paul's Boutique. A duo from the UK, a few years later, were big fans of the Dust Brothers, and as a "tribute", named themselves after them. The Dust Brothers came out and said, "Thanks, that "tribute" is real flattering, but we're still trying to make music too." So the (UK) Dust Brothers changed their name to the Chemical Brothers.
But let's get back to Tone Loc in 1987, with recycled Foreigner in tow:

So, hang on, Young MC wrote Funky Cold Medina? AND Wild Thing*? That's surprising that he could write two hits for Tone Loc but only one for himself. But I guess Tone Loc was in Ace Ventura, that must count for something.

* Watch the Wild Thing video to see just how far the whole Robert Palmer deadpan-girl-band-in-the-background thing really went in the late 80s.

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