Saturday, August 8, 2009

Flat White, Sweet Source, Carlton North

Sweet Source again prove to make consistently great coffee, which I imagine to be a great accompaniment to all the incredible sweet things under and over the counter, for which this place has made its name (although I haven't tried them yet). Another fine example of the right things being done to Coffee Supreme beans, though I had to go and ask to find out about that. Curiously, they don't mention it anywhere. Not on the menu, not on the cups, not on the machine, not even on the sugar packets. A lot of other Supreme users have the logo plastered absolutely everywhere, and I assume there's a good reason for that, but it's interesting that Sweet Source don't, at all.

They have a $10.00 sausage roll. I have to try it one day. Just once. I won't talk much more about the food, this guy does a much better job.

(I should tag this as ryanmissesthepointandorderscoffeeataplacethatisknownforotherthings. It is at least the second such post that fits that description.)

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