Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Espresso, Las Chicas, St Kilda East

I wasn't planning to sit here all afternoon, but it turned into one of those East St Kilda nexus-of-dudes-I-know moments.
Zisla turned up shortly after my last coffee, and he had just spoken to Jan, which was funny because I'd just called Jan while I was waiting. About ten minutes later, Jan turned up. Then Harry called Jan, and turned up with Hammo in tow shortly after. Yep. They should call this place Las Nexus.
But I had no quibbles with sitting there for that long. I don't think I spend enough time these days sitting around outside on a nice day with coffee and beer and crinkle-cut chips.

(Does anyone else, when they see a bowl of chips come out but the waiter can't remember which table to take them to, turn into a seagull in the hopes that the waiter will give up and say, "Who wants these?")

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