Friday, August 14, 2009

Espresso, La Paloma, Brunswick

We were in the area to drop in to Savers (the Sydney Rd branch never disappoints -- my velvet pants speak for themselves) in the hopes of finding something to wear to Kieran's Bacharach party tomorrow night. I didn't find much (where the hell can you get a skivvy these days if not Savers?) but I was a little tempted by a Yamaha Clavinova with two broken keys.
Something I always notice on Sydney Rd is that there are about three hundred places to drink coffee that I haven't been to yet. The one closest to where we parked the car seemed like a good bet.

The espresso was very very very good. The conditions inside were a whole other story though. LLL was afraid to order anything for fear of it being a potential health hazard. I honestly didn't notice the twenty unwashed latte glasses when I went in. But man, it must be hard to find time to clean up when you're doing a double shift as both a barista and a DJ.
You know those places where someone at the bar is DJing. That's the kind of thing I'd like to have going if I ever open up a cafe. It'll be like at home when I put on some tunes and make some coffee, but I'll be allowed to charge strangers for it and make them listen to my music. Perfect.
Speaking of making you listen to my music, I just remembered it's Sample Friday! Feast your ears on Mellow Mellow Right On by Lowrell. Nice. I've only heard the bit at the start that Massive Attack sampled to great effect on Lately, but I'll check out all ten minutes as soon as it's the end of the month and I have more bandwidth to squander on YouTubeJukeBox sessions.

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