Sunday, August 9, 2009

Espresso, home

I've been thinking a lot recently about brewing coffee via tea brewing methods. This was all spurred by the idea of using an empty tea bag. But just yesterday I started going in the other direction: can you brew tea the way you brew coffee? Is there any sort of really fast pressure-driven way to get flavour from tea leaves into water?

The Aeropress seemed like an obvious way to go: the pressure involved magically reduces the four-plus-minutes of plunger brewing to less than half a minute. But it seems others have revealed that tea can't get its game on even under these conditions. The pressure has no effect. You know those dudes who can only get ready to leave the house at one speed, and no matter how late they're running or what the consequences will be, they still follow the same routine? That's tea.

LLL tells me that speed is not what tea is all about. Just as tea takes time to make, it lends itself to taking a long time to drink too: the mood and pace of its drinkers reflect the time it needs to brew. So we can't get tea to hurry up. Strangely, we even have to get water to slow down to account for this. Follow that link: it seems to me like the Chemex filter is more like a giant tea strainer.

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