Monday, August 17, 2009

Espresso, The European, City

The whole band's back together in the same country, in the same state, in the same city, and even at the same table. RyanOnCoffee, LooseLeafLea, DrJMo, Dad (who is considering adopting D.Mo as his blogging pseudonym), and Mum, who as yet has no immediate blogging plans. I had the crab linguini, which was quite spectacular. If there's a linguini on the menu with some sort of seafood and some chilli involved, I usually don't need to read any further (see also: Carlisle Wine Bar). Bonus points too for being able to eat crab without having to dismantle one first. The lighting was not very iPhone-friendly, so there are no linguini photos, but the lighting was just fine for one of my trademark badly-lit coffee photos:

We also discovered how to ensure you'll get a table at the Supper Club.
  1. go there on a Monday, or
  2. start at the European first, they can book a table for later on.
We went with both of these tonight, just to be on the safe side. That second one is especially helpful, as was our waiter. Seriously, that was some diligent table-waiting tonight. No stone left unturned. These are just some of the stones, and remember I arrived after entrees were done, so I missed a good hour and fifteen minutes of stone-turning:

"There is a bit of chilli in that, but the menu doesn't mention it. Is that okay with you?"
"If you've already had an entree, the entree size should be more than enough."
"I'll call ahead and book you a table upstairs."
"When you're ready, let me know and I'll take you all upstairs."

It was amazing to watch. I often forget how good a really good waiter can be.

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