Sunday, August 16, 2009

Espresso, Baba Levantine Trading Company, East Brunswick

I was intrigued by the Turkish coffee on the menu, but thought it was worth getting more information first.
"What's the story with the Turkish coffee?"
The waiter was surprisingly frank, and from the ensuing conversation we assumed she also has some sort of managerial role here (in addition to DJing while waiting tables: the dude at La Paloma could learn a thing or two about multitasking here - but I guess that doesn't come as naturally to guys).
"It's not working out for us."
She went on to say they have returned the Turkish coffee machine under warranty twice, and it's not back again yet for a third try. The La Marzocco has been giving them no dramas whatsoever though. In my excitement to order an espresso I cut off most of her next sentence, but I get the feeling she was about to say something like, "I'd trade in my own mother to keep that machine."

Excellent. This cup had a lot to say. A whole lot of fun. I've not had much recent experience with Gravity beans, but based on this I'll add them to my "spectacular given the right machine and operator" list.

Baba will also go on some sort of "go back to very soon" list. I have to try one of the pides next time. I like the meat-on-a-sword approach with the lamb kofte too.

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