Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Don Tojo has cheap beer: latte, home

I'll warn you right now: this post has nothing to do with coffee, other than the fact that I just mentioned it, even though it was only in reference to me not talking about it. Which I'm not, technically.
What it actually is about, as the first and more relevant half of the title implies, is cheap beer.
It can be found at Don Tojo in Carlton, on Cardigan St just below Grattan.

The VB, pictured to the left of the remains of my quite excellent teriyaki chicken on rice, was $3.50.
I didn't believe it at first.
I looked at the five dollar note and assorted change in my hand, still unsure what the guy said. It sounded like "three fifty", but that can't be right.
"How much fifty?"
Wow. Some bottles of water cost way more than that. Spread the word, people.
I'll have to sus out the coffee. Maybe it costs $1.45.

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  1. That's nothing. I got five 500mL Schöfferhofers for EUR6.50 the other night. (That's 11 bucks.) Luke