Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chase: Espresso, home

So everybody loves Giorgio Moroder. For one thing, he had a habit of being photographed in front of vast modular synths, and often looked like this:

What's not to like? If you want more evidence, he produced Donna Summer's I Feel Love. He did the Top Gun soundtrack, and Scarface too. You can't really argue with any of that. It turns out he also did the Midnight Express soundtrack.
The common element with all these moments of Moroder greatness, is that Harold Faltermeyer was probably involved, as he was on the Moroder payroll as a producer/songwriter/engineer/etc. So I'm starting to think maybe Faltermeyer is the one we should really be giving it up for, if he was instrumental (geddit?) in all the keyboard sounds turning out the way they did. To see what I mean, check out Chase from Midnight Express. All 8+ minutes of it.

I'm starting to think that the music I am the most into is Moroder's 1978-79 period. I mean, Chase and I Feel Love are pretty similar. It just depends if you want to hear Donna Summer. But honestly, the flangey string pads and the warpspeed bassline and the kick drum are interesting enough. Who needs vocals?

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