Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brunetti Stopwatch Challenge: Espresso, Brunetti, Carlton

I left my phone in the car, and so had to time this one based on frequent observations of the second hand on my watch. I must have looked crazy to the other customers.

"What's up with that guy at the bar?"
"That one? Dressed like an out-of-work jazz muso who's just been to a Jewish wedding?"
"Yeah. But it's not just the suit. He looks kinda jumpy. He must have checked his watch like eight times since he walked in."
"Clearly, he doesn't need any more coffee. Places like this should have the right to refuse service to dudes like that."
"‘C'mon sir, I think you've had enough.’ LOL!"
"Uh, dude, did you just say LOL out loud?"
"No, don't worry about it. Ryan's just imagining our conversation. None of this is taking place right now."
"Thank Christ."

It was the really young-looking barista today. He pulls a good shot. One espresso, door-to-door, came in at:

3 minutes, 8 seconds.

Not bad. Some inefficiencies could still be ironed out: my shot sat there for about thirty seconds before it was put on a saucer and handed to me. But that was probably for the best. I have no interest in scalding my throat in the name of a record-breaking BSC time.

It was a very nice wedding tonight. Nice ceremony. Nice people. Two bands. Vince Peach was DJing afterwards, but we had to leave just as he got going. I couldn't get the yamulke (engraved with the names of the bride and groom - nice touch) to stop sliding off my head though. Maybe it knew I was a gentile.

This wedding also got Ollie, Josh and myself in the one room, and we soon started talking about band stuff. It sort of turned into a band/label meeting. We decided (without Will present, but I'm sure he will agree) that we're gonna get the Genie album mastered. Real soon. That meeting, in turn, soon degenerated into a twenty-minute conversation about mastering. These things happen. Even at weddings.

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  1. Yes... please... get it mastered :P. Otherwise I'm going to have to hunt for the mysterious sub master of it that a bunch of people have...