Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blend 104.3: Plunger, home

I love listening to Gold 104. I really do. It's the only commercial radio station where the music doesn't make me want to hit things. Some of the hosts do, and most of the ads too, but I have no problem turning the volume down for a few minutes because I know I'll be rewarded with Hungry Like the Wolf or I Don't Like Mondays or Sign Your Name or (more recently) Patience.

But I've been having trouble with the constant Nescafe Blend 43 advertising. If I'm in the kitchen and I've got the radio on, it's usually because I'm making coffee. I don't want to hear about Blend 43. Strangely, I can put up with those ads a lot less easily than I can the ads for Chris and Marie, and they're pretty bad. Just look at how atrocious their website is. Imagine that in audio form.

Mind you, I am very surprised that nobody thought either of these was a good idea:
  • Pushing Nescafe Gold a bit harder, as opposed to Blend 43. Geddit? GOLD 104!
  • Telling all announcers to say "one oh forty-three" instead of "one oh four point three". Gold 104.3 + Blend 43 = Gold 1-0-43! Geddit?
Yes, it's just lazy advertising to not take advantage of either of those slightly-cleverer-than-they-are-shithouse puns. C'mon, if Grubby and Dee Dee are hosting your breakfast show, surely you're not above lame-ass puns?

But there's an even more fatal flaw. Nescafe's slogan, as you will find on the Gold 104.3 website, is "Start a conversation today over a cup of Nescafe Blend 43." It's almost too easy to take the piss out of that. The word "over" already makes it sound more they are recommending you choose to do the former instead of the latter. Paraphrased:
"Don't drink Nescafe Blend 43 today. Start a conversation instead."

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