Sunday, July 5, 2009

Short Mac, Le Pain Quotidien, London

You've heard of the wine list. You've heard of the cheese list. You've heard of the pillow menu. Ladies and gentlemen, familiarise yourself with the concept of the bread list.
The future is here. This place may be a chain, but don't hold it against them. The name literally translates to “the bread unsurpassed”, and by no means are they speaking out of line. There is a choice of about five breads, which you can order two slices of with butter (believe me, it's a big loaf - two slices is enough for anyone) and, like we did, a side of ham. It's ham that your grandfather the butcher would heartily approve of.

We came here yesterday, but I wanted to save coffee for our visit to Flat White, so that's my Earl Grey tea on the left. It's not often I feel like a whole pot of tea, but when I do, I want it to be a good one. They lost points for the teabag-in-a-pot scenario, but swiftly earned them back as soon as I caught a whiff of just how a beautiful Earl Grey this was.

But let's leave the teablogging to the professionals. There seems to be a lot of these places around, and I highly recommend it for breakfast. Somebody taking condiments-on-bread so seriously is such a breath of fresh air from the innumerable “Full English” cholesterol nightmares going on everywhere else in London. The muesli, too, is something to behold. I found a brazil nut in mine. Wow.

And the coffee? I was put off a little when I saw that the long drinks are served in something more akin to a fingerbowl – that's a whole lot of milk* – and so a short mac it was. Served in a much smaller fingerbowl.

* be thankful I didn't take the opportunity to say something like “that's a whole latte milk!”

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  1. Ha, I'd sign you up for LooseLeafLea blogs, but you might write about bread a lot and I'd need to detox my blog for two weeks before I could start writing again...