Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latte, Phil's Bakehouse, Northcote

Well, the coffee wasn't quite happening, but that experimental vanilla slice on the top shelf was superb. It's Greek, or something.
Is this really my first coffee in Northcote since the blog started? Furthermore, does this even count as Northcote?


  1. Bro, cross the street. That's where you'll find Sillyaks, the Gluten Free cafe that has coffee I rave about.

    At least it did when I was last there... if you are back up that way head in there and look for the tall skinny bloke on the machine. If he is AWOL you may want to bail out.

    After you get your coffee, head back over the road to Phil's for pastries. Gluten free pastries suck. Don't tell Lauren I said that though...