Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The illy Method: Flat White, home

Ever wondered what happens to a can of illy coffee, pressurised for your enjoyment, at 30000 feet?

Yeah, it doesn't like the pressure. I understand the can crushing slightly when the pressure drops after takeoff, but would it resume to normal when we land? I guess the expansion of the inert gases/gasses isn't enough to pop the can back into shape.

Speaking of crushing, I just got up to the bit in Weeds season three where Mary-Kate Olsen becomes a recurring character. I wonder how here completely-identical twin sister Ashley feels about that? CRUSHED, I'd bet (ahh...tangent justified). Mary-Kate seems to be bagging all the cool roles and snogging Ben Kingsley, but where's Ashley? She probably yearns for the good-ol' Full House days where they could take advantage of their indenticality and share one character. Then Ben Kingsley might have snogged both of them, depending on how the timeshare works.

Okay, that's just gross. He won an Academy Ward for Best Actor four years before they were born. Eurgh. One Olsen is bad enough, in those circumstances. Let's not wish two upon him.

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