Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guybrush Threepwood: Latte, home

I was right about that espresso last night. Woke up at 4.45am. Damn.
It's conceivable that it could just be plain ol' jetlag, late night espresso notwithstanding.
But what's hard to believe is that I haven't mentioned Monkey Island yet.
This is the iconic Scumm Bar scene from the VGA version of Monkey Island, circa 1990:

This is the same scene in Monkey Island SE, recently released for the iPhone:

It looks slightly better! And the music sounds slightly better! And it has speech! As a result, the size has ballooned out to a grog-swillingly-huge 350MB. But the best thing is it fits in your pocket. Your sword can be as sharp as your wit anywhere now: on the tram for five minutes if need be. There's a pretty reliable autosave feature which means you can quit and do important stuff at any time and still come back to where you were up to. Also, if you really dig those early 90s graphics, a two-finger swipe across the screen switches to classic mode at any time. The gameplay is exactly the same pointy-clicky goodness, although sometimes things move a bit more slowly: the cursor has to be dragged around with your finger, then clicked again to do something. Luckily it's a game that very seldom relies on timing. It's a great game. I owe most of my shit sense of humour to its dialogue. And the Indiana Jones in-jokes never get old. When you look at the chalice in the voodoo shop:
“That's the cup of a carpenter!”
Hopefully this paves the way for Lucasarts to resurrect more of their point-and-click past in iPhone app format.

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  1. the only Lucasart point and click game i ever played was Sam & Max hit the road ... i sorta liked it but i fear that my ADHD and OCD are incompatible with those types game