Monday, July 27, 2009

Flat White, home

Good morning, blogreaders. We will now be returning to regular programming. One blog post per coffee. There are a few vaguely interesting things that happened overseas that I haven't blogged yet (most involving espresso with a UHT container on the side...?!) which will be up in the next few days. Otherwise, it's back to Melbourne coffee adventures.

My first night of jetlagsleep did not go well, to say the least. To say slightly more: I slept from about midnight until about 2.30am. Then I got up and watched five episodes of Weeds season three, finally concluding that bloody terrifying season two cliffhanger that I watched about two years ago. Well, I know there's a fifth season on TV in the US now, so everyone must not get killed between now and then. That's nice to know. I fell asleep at about 9am, then got up at 11am, realising that being awake during daylight was probably a good move if I hope to get back to Normal Person Time™. Or thereabouts. Being a musician and coffee enthusiast I don't usually sleep like a normal person. But it's a good start.

It was good to fire up the Silvia again. LLL bought me a “welcome home” 250g bag of Coffee Supreme, which will take precedence over the tin of Illy I bought in Cologne*. Illy is stored at higher-than-atmospheric pressure in what Wikipedia calls either "inert gases" or "inert gasses", depending on which paragraph you read. I guess that means it will last. Not forever, but slightly longer.

* apologies for the Anglicised spelling there - I can't figure out how to do an o with two dots over it on a Mac. I'm sure there's a way, that will seem obvious once I know how to do it, but totally eludes me now.


  1. Oh yes, the season 2 cliffhanger, how I hate you so. That wasn't just any ordinary cliffhanger :P. How more cliffy do they get???

    Weeds starts to get crazier as season 3 progresses in many ways. The jokes get cruder, there's strangely more swearing, Shane's voice finally breaks, and the show just takes a different spin!

    You'll love it, I sure do. THe show has come a long way up until Season 5...

  2. ö?

    option + u for "umlaut", then o (because that's the letter you want the umlaut on).