Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flat White, Flat White, Soho, London

This place has quite the reputation for being the place to go if you want coffee in London made for people from Australia and New Zealand, by people from Australia and New Zealand. And they certainly do wear it on their sleeve: a sign behind the bar offered pronunciation guides for “flat white” in both accents, and which country is more likely to conclude the sentence with “bro” or “mate”. I was kind of expecting a lot of coffee-obsessed patrons not unlike myself, and so was delighted to hear a customer talking to the barista about taking an Aeropress camping when I walked in the door. Taking an Aeropress camping sounds not only like something I would do, but something I would talk to strangers about. After ordering and commenting on the dude's magnificently-twisted moustache, we took a seat just as Steve Miller Band piped in with Take the Money and Run. I checked my iPod: yep, if this was track one, they had the same Steve Miller Band compilation that I had. I love Steve Miller Band. You know all those songs from the 70s that you hear quite a lot on the radio, but you don't know who they are by? More often than not, it's Steve Miller Band. Dr J.Mo's espresso came out, and track two began: Abracadabra. I imagined for a second that Steve wrote the first line from the perspective of milk waiting to be steamed by a barista:
“I heat up, I can't cool down.”
How true. Then my Flat White flat white arrived.

Magnificent. Dr J.Mo was lost for words for a while. But then:
“That tastes like it's got alcohol in it!”
It's at 17 Berwick St. Beans by Square Mile. Be there.

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  1. A little update for you, having been here a few times on my various stopovers in London recently.

    Like you, not big on bad reviews, but my experience today pretty much sealed the deal. Aside from one glorious double-piccolo in August, I've found the coffee here to be mostly overextracted, the milk heat and foaming average (even allowing for the relatively poor quality of English milk) and mostly, the staff utterly pretentious and rude. Girl looked at me like I had some sort of plague when I ordered a short macchiato, and there was virtually no recognition when I got up to pay and leave. Only thing it's got going for it is its fortunate proximity to berwick st's record shops.

    Going to Dose tomorrow instead...