Monday, July 6, 2009

Flat White, Dose, London

James at Square Mile highly recommended one more thing before I leave London: drop in at Dose, near Barbican station, at an address you can't possibly read without giggling: 69 Long Lane. I took a quick look at my long-suffering and tattered Tube Map, and sure enough, Barbican was more or less in between where I was and where I was heading. I had a whole hour to get there, get a take-away coffee, take some photos, and get to Euston to catch the train I'd already paid for. It was a bit of a gamble: one delayed train could spell trouble. But I had to check it out. Everywhere I'd been that served Square Mile beans had been outrageously good so far, and so if there was a place that Square Mile themselves recommended then it was a must-see.

There it is. The zebra crossing even seems to lead to it. It seemed meant to be. I went for another flat white - which seems to be listed above latte on menus at any place worth their salt around here. And one of those halloumi/avocado/bacon baguettes too. To take away.
"Would you like that toasted, with some tabasco and lemon?"
Hell yes.
By this point the guy's Kiwi accent was becoming apparent. Even though I am from Australia, it sometimes takes me half a conversation to figure out if somebody is Aussie or Kiwi. Thankfully, there are a few syllables (or "sullabuls") that really give it away. But that wasn't the only accent in the room. Dose is a pretty small place; London is an enormous place; Australia is thousands of miles away, and Melbourne is a very small part of it. Against highly improbable odds, the four people sitting to my left were also from Melbourne, and all staff from the Maling Room in Canterbury - which somehow I still haven't visited. Wow.

Brilliant. I know I've said "You have to visit this place" quite a lot this week, but you should add Dose to that list. It's much easier to find and get to from the tube than the other ones, if that helps.

My final experience in London: sitting on the platform at Barbican, almost shivering from the cold (I was wearing shorts - this is supposed to be a heatwave) when there was an announcement.
"Ladies and gentlemen, in this extreme heat..."
I shared a group-laugh-out-loud with the other passengers around me who were also wondering what happened to summer.

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  1. Great meeting you Ryan, looks like you just missed us on sunday at Gwilym's, we worked the cart for a few hours.

    Went to Dose 3 times, I guess you could say it was our favourite cafe.

    Looking forward to your Square Mile post, we loved our time there, see you in Melbourne.