Sunday, July 26, 2009

Etihad, Abu Dhabi to Melbourne

Oh crikey, this is confusing.
If I fall asleep on a plane for six hours, I feel a lot better about it if I wake up to breakfast, then get off the plane and it's the morning. That at least makes me feel like I've been asleep at night.

But not today. This is the bad kind of twelve hour flight, where you wake up to a "light snack" (beef and noodles and a white bread roll is as "light" as it's getting on a plane) and it's 6.30pm when you get off the plane. Oh dear. I just slept all day. How on earth will I sleep at night?
I still had the coffee though. It makes it easier to negotiate that duty free shop that obstructs your path between the plane and immigration.

I went through the automated scan-your-passport-with-a-chip-in-it queue, which was blindingly fast in comparison to the other queue, but the machine still said I had to go to the assistance desk. I got a happy birthday from the assistance desk guy. That's nice. Maybe if the machine realises that your birthday is the same as the current day, it directs you to a human face for further niceties. It sure makes you feel a little better about sleeping on a plane for most of your birthday.