Thursday, July 9, 2009

Espresso, some hotel near Leeds

"He said the coffee is too strong."
"Try doing a single shot, but I much prefer a double."
This back-and-forth caught my attention; maybe this place was going to be okay.
I interjected, "Me too! Can I get a double espresso?"

Allegedly this is a double espresso. It tastes more like a single that's been watered down so much that even the crema didn't want to stick around for more than a minute. It's from one of those machines where you just press the button with two cups on it, and the machine does the rest.
What the hell, a dude's gotta wake up somehow.

Also, the price should be pointed out. £1.95. Somewhere between A$4-5. I have only ever paid that much for any multiple of espresso once in Melbourne (at Transit - as a result I try to save my coffee consumption there for when I have a gig, and the coffee is free). And yes, I know converting everything back to Oz dollars only results on misery, but now I have a precedent to compare this to: I got an espresso (one of the best ever - the photo is on my desktop on my laptop now) for 60p on Sunday. But I guess this is what happens when you sit down in a hotel lobby.

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