Saturday, July 18, 2009

Espresso, Nuke Festival, Wiesen, Austria

As somebody who has seen a lot of half-assed coffee stands at music festivals, I can say my eyes lit up when I saw this in the distance. It featured not only the word "espresso" spelled without an "x" in the distance, but, on closer inspection, espressi from multiple origins too. Wow. This could be a great festival.

The first thing you might notice is there are no grinders. No. It's some sort of pod system; these, in general, sacrifice freshly-ground-ness in the name of controllable conditions. That machine, heated up sufficiently, combined with that pod should result in something predictably, and repeatably, decent. I went for the Kenya AA.
(I think it's safe to assume that La Genovese is not related to the Genovese in Australia by any other means than similarity in logo and name)

I counted in my head. It was about a 30-second pull. Not bad. This pod contraption's grounds may not be fresh, but at least the time thing is sorted out. There are far too many espressi in continental Europe being let out of the gate far too quickly.
And yes, that is Calexico playing in the background. I kind of wish they could be playing nearby every time I have a coffee.

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