Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Espresso, Espresso Perfetto, Köln

It's the kind of place you could quite easily run into. Following the mall on Breite straße to the end, it's not hard to spot the word "espresso" on the other side of two time-consuming zebra crossings. But what you need to sum up is whether that time is worth gambling for potentially good coffee, based entirely on the signage out the front.

I would usually not cross the road for a place with "coffee to go" written five times in a row. But I was here based on a recommendation. So I persevered. What I found in the doors of espressoperfetto.de (I'm not mad on places that signwrite their URL with that much prominence, either) has led me to reassess my entire shopfront judgement process.

Quite a terrifying array of machines and beans. The top shelf ones were on the top shelf for a good reason. The garish pastel bags on the right are Perfetto's own roast; 1kg bags only. And that was just the front room. Out the back, it was tasse heaven, both demi- and otherwise. I fumbled around with a few important Italian and German words and was served an espresso doppio without offending anyone too much.

I don't take sugar, but that is one seriously stylish sugar bowl. The shot was very nice too. Thanks for the tip, Andreas.
I picked up a tin of Illy for the bus too, but soon found Dan had also grabbed some whole beans from the Starb@&$s around the corner. How to handle that situation, without being the "I have superior beans" guy? Might have to hang onto that tin for a while.

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  1. I don't think there's anything wrong with being the "I have superior beans" guy, if u really are.