Sunday, July 5, 2009

Espresso, the backyard off Ezra St, Columbia Rd Flower Market, London

(read my previous post for directions on how to find this place)

With the time we'd spent coming all the way out here, I just had to get an espresso before I left. The queue was even longer this time, but I knew it was worth both the wait and the sunburn. I ordered a single espresso. In porcelain, of course. The barista Gwilym Davies let out a celebratory “Woo!” It seems the espresso-in-porcelain doesn't get ordered too often in the scheme of things. When I asked if they are visited by a lot of weirdos with cameras, I was told yes, but I'm the first one EVER to take a photo of an espresso. Mr Davies seemed happy though, adding that latte art is the fake boobs of the coffee world. I'm inclined to agree.

Definitely no cosmetic surgery involved there.

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